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DVR Systems:

    Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Systems - This system lets customers use their massive camera investment by replacing their VCR's and Multiplexers with          Digital Video Recorders. The analog signal from the existing CCTV cameras is captured, converted to digital and recorded. This system consists of a custom computer digital video recorder, switches, routers and wiring making it a turnkey system all the customer needs for remote monitoring is a internet connection. Digital (Network) cameras can be added making this into a hybrid DVR/NVR system.

      We offer systems from 4 to 32 cameras per DVR depending on storage requirements. There are unlimited configuration possibilities. We will customize systems to fit your needs. We use only state of the art professional cost effective equipment. As technology improves our product line will change to continue to give you the best available options. We will not sell or install sub-standard equipment.























We Proudly Sell, Install and Service LuxRiot DVR and NVR software.