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Why Do Computers Break?

     Customers often ask me why do computers break down and fail .The truth is mechanical devices wear out and computers are mechanical devices. Even though they are electronic devices they still have mechanical devices inside them such as hard drives spinning at rates of speeds between 5400 and 7200 rpm and many fans to keep them within operating temperatures. Computers like cars run hot and have to be cooled or they will breakdown. There are many similarities but the only major difference is that computer prices go down while car prices go up.


Computer Milage Calculation


Computer TypeHRS Per DayMiles Per DayHrs WeekMiles WeekHours YearMiles Per Year
Home Computers: 412028840145643680
Work Computers: 8240401200208062400
POS Computers: 2472016850408736262080
Servers: 2472016850408736262080


    People are not surprised when a car breaks down after about 150,000 miles but are vary surprised when it brakes down after 2 to 3 years. As you can see from the spreadsheet above if cars were used as much as computers they would probably break down in the first 3 years for home and work computers and the first year for computers that run 24/7 like POS and Servers.

     Besides wear and tear we have environmental concerns like heat, dust and electrical power quality (including surges brownouts and poor quality power) that are enemies of electronics. Add to this the criminals who write viruses spyware and the criminal hackers.

     Like cars computers are designed, made and programmed by humans who make mistakes.

Computers like cars need regular maintenance including cleaning out the dust (dust creates a thermal blanket on electronics so the are no longer cooled properly leading to overheating and failure).

     The good news is solid state hard drives (no moving parts) and computers without fans are on the horizon, but ventilation will still be an issue so they will still have to be cleaned.

     I think we should demand more from our cars! Don’t You?