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DERISCO Enterprises

Point Of Sale, Custom Computer, and Networking Systems sales service and repair.



Company History

     DERISCO Enterprises was formed in 1993 as DERISCO Enterprises a partnership between three brothers: Dean (DE), Eric (ERI) and Scott (SCO). The foundation for DERISCO Enterprises, Allen Computer Consultants, was started by Dean Allen in 1989. DERISCO has specialized in solving its customers issues with the best available technology. Cost effective problem solving is our specialty. We use and adapt existing and emerging technology to deliver the highest value to our customers, and can design and build custom solutions where appropriate.

      Early in the companys history, DERISCO Enterprises designed custom stands to solve the physical stability problems of touch screen monitors. OEM stands did not hold the touch screens firmly enough and the CRTs failed after only a few months of normal use. Once the CRT failed, the entire package had to be replaced. Our purpose-built hardware solution increased the longevity of our customers' screens by more than 1000 percent.

      DERISCO has created applications for the Casino, Surveillance and Security industries. These packages can be tailored to your needs and expanded at your request. Our modular design allows for very rapid development and implementation. The companys current software product line includes complete systems for Surveillance Management, Gaming Authority Logging and Reporting, Information Technology Department Tracking, and Security Report Writing. We also offer a variety of gaming and accounting support applications.

      Our latest innovation came from a combination of our experience building the first casino using digital surveillance and our customer’s needs. As we installed new digital surveillance systems in our oldest customer’s stores, we found the problem that managers and owners do not have the time to watch surveillance video and the employees knew this thus making the system not effective as a deterrent. Since greater than 90% of shrinkage is by employees 90 plus percent of the deterrent was ineffective.

     While meeting with our clients we came up with the idea to do random remote monitoring they approved. We started to do random remote monitoring and incident investigations. during this period we intentionally let it be known that we were watching. During this period we found this solution highly effective putting the deterrent back into the security/surveillance system. So from this experience we have developed our new current product and service line to offer a complete digital surveillance solution for our customers.

      DERISCO Enterprises provides a wide range of computer and technical services with personnel qualified in MS-DOS, UNIX (Linux, Solaris, AIX), Windows (95, 98, NT,2000, Server 2003, 2008, XP, Vista, 7). DERISCO Inc. participates in the Microsoft Partner Program and the McAfee Security Alliance Global Partner Program. The company supports multiple LAN and WAN technologies to include LANtastic, Novell (IPX, SPX), MS-Windows (NetBeui, NetBios) and all forms of TCP/IP.

      DERISCO offers complete networking services from design, through wiring to final test. Systems can be customized to meet your needs today and expanded as your business grows. We also provide Product Engineering, Systems Integration and Supervisory services. We are very familiar with and we always stay at the cutting edge of information technology.