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DERISCO Enterprises

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Point Of Sale, Video Surveillance, Custom Computer, and Networking Systems sales service and repair.

       Dean Allen, President, DERISCO Enterprises, a veteran of the United States Navy, has over 30 years experience in the Electronics and Computer industry.

        Mr. Allen received advanced formal Electronics training in the Navy between 1977-78. He continues to enhance his knowledge with both formal and informal training in all areas of computer science. Mr. Allen has attended many seminars and traditional classroom courses from many manufacturers, to include Microsoft MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer), Novell Netware, IBM, and Artistsoft Lantastic.

        Dean stays on the leading edge of the industry. He is active with the Microsoft Systems Developer Network and FoxPro Users Groups for sharing and gaining advanced knowledge in those areas. Dean has designed and implemented multiple Server Systems, Local and Wide-Area Networks in a wide variety of industries. These include Law Enforcement, Manufacturing, Accounting, Energy Production, Automotive, Shipping, Legal, Medical/Dental, Robotics, and Point Of Sale/Convenience Stores. Most recently as a consultant, Mr. Allen built and managed the Information Technology, Surveillance and Security Departments in the casino industry.

        Dean has written applications using FoxPro v1.0 in 1989 to the current version Visual FoxPro v9.0, incorporating other languages as needed. His first major project was a parts, service, billing and inventory control system for the wind turbine industry. Dean designs all his software to be easy to use with as little training as necessary, all interfaces maintain consistency in look and feel. Wherever possible, he uses automatic field fill-in.

        Dean served in many leading positions as manager/director in IT/MIS and Surveillance for Casino Arizona and The Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. Dean was responsible design, installation and implementation of all electronics including surveillance for the casinos.

        One of Mr. Allen's more impressive skills is the ability to translate highly technical situations into non-technical terms. Once the issues are understood, he then uses all available resources, technical and non-technical, to implement a solution. Dean's extensive experience and programming skills form the cornerstone of DERISCO Enterprises.