OS 10 Yosemite

Downloaded and started running this about two weeks ago I definitely do not recommend the upgrade until Apple gets it fixed Mail and iCloud drive cause out of memory crashes calendar crashes also when you try to calculate travel time works fine on IOS devices but this system is so buggy I definitely do not recommend upgrading right now.

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Been using IOS 8 for a few months it’s had its challenges but now seems to be working fine.

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iOS 7

IOS 7 first day impressions, it has some challenges. It will take some time to get used to.

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The new Windows 8

I just installed production copies of Windows 8 professional on two of my desktop machines and a virtual machine on my MacBook Pro. I have been playing with it in the preview versions and I was hoping that the final version would be a little bit less of a total re-learning curve.
Even the start up screen you have to pull the screen up even be able to logon and there is no sign of how to even do this on the screen.
Windows 8 is really a tablet operating system on a desktop machine I know that current Windows users will hate Windows 8. you really have to look at it as a totally different operating system not Windows it is not intuitive (no hints on the screen) it is hard to see even how to go back or even a URL in the metro version of Internet Explorer. I just have to remember is a tablet operating system. Using it with the mouse takes allot to get use to.
The good news is my software (the Gun’s & Ammo Tracker 9(current version)) will work in Windows 8.
I really don’t want to sound negative about it so far it seems to work fine it’s just a majorly different operating system. All that said the industry is moving towards tablets and the PCs seem to becoming a thing of the past I see if you near future where laptops and tablets will completely replace desktop computers.
The good news is for basic computer users who do not have preconceived ways of doing things this new OS will be relatively easy for them to use with a little training. It really is a operating system designed for touch screens prior to this Microsoft did not do touch screens very well.

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Mac OSX Mountain Lion

Well after downloading it this morning and using it all day long I have to say I really like the new Mac OS X Mountain lion. Although not perfect the new dictation works a lot better than any other dictation System I have ever used, with the exception of the iPhone and iPad which this is virtually identical to this system. As a matter of fact I am writing this with the dictation system. The airplay and iCloud integration are very nice also. And I’m very happy to announce that the Guns & Ammo Tracker works flawlessly with Mountain lion so I do not need to make any changes to work with this new operating system.

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New Gun’s & Ammo Tracker 5.2

New in version 5.2 improved menu systems using more the power of FileMaker Pro 12.
New file export and import to and from FileMaker go.
Back up and restore improvements. Improvements for using desktop scanning with either USB or Bluetooth scanner.
New dashboard program to give you a quick picture of totals from all programs.
Many visual improvements for working with different screen sizes including iPad.
New update procedure posted in manual on site. If you are upgrading please read the manual


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iPhone 4s

I just recently updated my iPhone to a 4s hoping it would fix my My Ford Touch problem (it did not not a happy camper with Ford, I should have known it had a Microsoft stamp on it) but surprisingly the voice recognition works better than I have ever seen it is actually usable. It is not perfect but allot better than anything else I have used.

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LuxRiot iPhone /iPad /Android Integration

Would you like to view your cameras from you smart-phone or tablet the latest version supports this feature and we can help you set it up.

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Vreizon iPhone 4

Well a nice associate at the Verizon store where I went to complain 1 more time about the Droids Bluetooth problem, found a way to upgrade me to a iPhone. So far I am very happy with it got all my aps back on it and everything setup on it. And I even wrote this post on it. Cool

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Verizon iPhone BS Letter to Customer service

I am pissed off!! I am an ATT refugee 2 years with an iPhone 3g and more dropped and missed calls in more places but the computer worked great. I was praying for Verizon to get the iPhone when my contract expired last July I have had a MiFi for a few years. but because of Corporate BS you did not get it and I needed to get phone calls so I reluctantly moved to the Droid X (Giant Mistake) I Traded a Great Computer horrible Phone for just the opposite Great Phone horrible computer. I have complained so many times and been through all the trouble shooting and been told what a Great smartphone the Droid X is. Well it is not I am so sick and tired of what the reps keep saying. I have to reboot this thing regularly just to keep it working they have wiped (full factory reset) 5 times all that happened is I had to re enter everything taking allot of my time. 2 days ago after the last reset to factory defaults and I have not reloaded my apps (why bother?) the phone would answer and call but i could not hear the people on the other end and they could not hear me, until l rebooted the phone. If I billed you for all my time wasted on this POS you would owe me 10 iPhones without a contract.
I got the notice to order my iPhone I started checking it out and found it would cost me $749.00 or $1,258 (with a new line) to get the iPhone this is adding insult to injury. I am a technology professional, I use technology more than most I understand that and my customers have been talking about getting iPhones since you got it, and I will have to set it up for them. I know the iPhone isn’t perfect but it is so much better computer than any Android phone that I have seen so far. I really think you should take better care of your customers it is not my fault that you and Apple had such a bad relationship but you sure want me to pay for it. I will be posting this on my Technology Blog so my customers will see this.
Thank You
Dean Allen
DERISCO Enterprises
I called to follow up and the b hung up on me yes Verizon has the worst customer service

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