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OS 10 Yosemite

Downloaded and started running this about two weeks ago I definitely do not recommend the upgrade until Apple gets it fixed Mail and iCloud drive cause out of memory crashes calendar crashes also when you try to calculate travel time … Continue reading

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Been using IOS 8 for a few months it’s had its challenges but now seems to be working fine.

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The new Windows 8

I just installed production copies of Windows 8 professional on two of my desktop machines and a virtual machine on my MacBook Pro. I have been playing with it in the preview versions and I was hoping that the final … Continue reading

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Mac OSX Mountain Lion

Well after downloading it this morning and using it all day long I have to say I really like the new Mac OS X Mountain lion. Although not perfect the new dictation works a lot better than any other dictation … Continue reading

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New Gun’s & Ammo Tracker 5.2

New in version 5.2 improved menu systems using more the power of FileMaker Pro 12. New file export and import to and from FileMaker go. Back up and restore improvements. Improvements for using desktop scanning with either USB or Bluetooth … Continue reading

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iPhone 4s

I just recently updated my iPhone to a 4s hoping it would fix my My Ford Touch problem (it did not not a happy camper with Ford, I should have known it had a Microsoft stamp on it) but surprisingly … Continue reading

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LuxRiot iPhone /iPad /Android Integration

Would you like to view your cameras from you smart-phone or tablet the latest version supports this feature and we can help you set it up.

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Vreizon iPhone 4

Well a nice associate at the Verizon store where I went to complain 1 more time about the Droids Bluetooth problem, found a way to upgrade me to a iPhone. So far I am very happy with it got all … Continue reading

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Verizon iPhone BS Letter to Customer service

I am pissed off!! I am an ATT refugee 2 years with an iPhone 3g and more dropped and missed calls in more places but the computer worked great. I was praying for Verizon to get the iPhone when my … Continue reading

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ATT vs Verizon

After 2 years with ATT and the iPhone and now 7 months with Verizon and the Droid X I basically traded a good computer with a horrible unreliable phone for a phone with a horrible unreliable computer that has to … Continue reading

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