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Droid X vs iPhone

     Goodbye iPhone deactivated the iPhone 3g (the last update 4.01 slowed it way down). Now I have a new Droid X on Verizon I am not use to a phone that works. The Droid is no iPhone setting it … Continue reading

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Droid X

Got the new Droid X today so far it does much better at the complicated things that ATT and the iPhone could not like make phone calls.

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Welcome to the New Technical Blog for DERISCO Inc

I will be using this site to post experiences and solutions I have found for problems.

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iPhone OS 4.01

Got the iPhone OS 4.01update all it did was prove what shitty service ATT has. I went from 4 bars to 1 to two bars at least now I know why I have more dropped calls in more places.

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