Verizon iPhone BS Letter to Customer service

I am pissed off!! I am an ATT refugee 2 years with an iPhone 3g and more dropped and missed calls in more places but the computer worked great. I was praying for Verizon to get the iPhone when my contract expired last July I have had a MiFi for a few years. but because of Corporate BS you did not get it and I needed to get phone calls so I reluctantly moved to the Droid X (Giant Mistake) I Traded a Great Computer horrible Phone for just the opposite Great Phone horrible computer. I have complained so many times and been through all the trouble shooting and been told what a Great smartphone the Droid X is. Well it is not I am so sick and tired of what the reps keep saying. I have to reboot this thing regularly just to keep it working they have wiped (full factory reset) 5 times all that happened is I had to re enter everything taking allot of my time. 2 days ago after the last reset to factory defaults and I have not reloaded my apps (why bother?) the phone would answer and call but i could not hear the people on the other end and they could not hear me, until l rebooted the phone. If I billed you for all my time wasted on this POS you would owe me 10 iPhones without a contract.
I got the notice to order my iPhone I started checking it out and found it would cost me $749.00 or $1,258 (with a new line) to get the iPhone this is adding insult to injury. I am a technology professional, I use technology more than most I understand that and my customers have been talking about getting iPhones since you got it, and I will have to set it up for them. I know the iPhone isn’t perfect but it is so much better computer than any Android phone that I have seen so far. I really think you should take better care of your customers it is not my fault that you and Apple had such a bad relationship but you sure want me to pay for it. I will be posting this on my Technology Blog so my customers will see this.
Thank You
Dean Allen
DERISCO Enterprises
I called to follow up and the b hung up on me yes Verizon has the worst customer service

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