Droid X vs iPhone

     Goodbye iPhone deactivated the iPhone 3g (the last update 4.01 slowed it way down). Now I have a new Droid X on Verizon I am not use to a phone that works. The Droid is no iPhone setting it up and managing it with a Mac is a real pain. A bit easier if you are using a 32 bit version of Windows (which I am not) it is taking a bit to get use to. The OS is defiantly not as intuitive as the iPhone. I really hate the exclusivity agreement between Apple and ATT.
     For some reason Tasks and Notes have been omitted from Exchange sync have no idea why ?
Bottom line if you do not care about dropped, missed calls and poor reception the iPhone is the answer but if you need the phone to work the Droid X is a livable answer it may be better in v2.2.

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  1. Well a note on V2.2 Google Android it still falls way short of the iPhones user experience I find myself using carrying and using the iPad for what I use to do on the iPhone I should have gotten a regular Phone from Verizon and saved the money on the Droid X I hate having to reboot the Phone everyday because all the CrapWare auto runs and uses up all the memory. I have never heard of not being able to exit a running program when you are done. I understand this is mostly on Motorola and Verizon but it sucks.

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